Winner - The Feel Good Art Prize 2023

I am very honoured to have won the inaugural Feel Good Art Prize now showing at Quadrant Gallery, Melbourne, until 11th April 2023

A big thanks to Corbett Lyon, leading Australian architect and founding patron of Lyon Housemuseum, for selecting my artwork out of a great lineup of artists. Also a big thank you Tamara Mount, London based integrative psychologist, for sponsoring the prize, and to the lovely team at Quadrant Gallery for the lovely exhibition opening and celebration, thank you so much.

“Dance to the Music” Collage and acrylic on board. 20x20cm

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Gitte Backhausen & Art Prize judge Corbett Lyon in front of the winning artwork.

Must Be Dreaming 183 x 213cm SOLD

Recent Solo Exhibition

Subconscious Landscapes

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Opening speech by Dr. Jessica Priebe, Art Historian.

In Subconscious Landscapes, Danish-born artist Gitte Backhausen explores the artistic potential of the subconscious mind and the freedom associated with working just below the point of focal awareness. Influenced by the dreamlike landscapes of the Surrealists, along with the painterly abstractions of artists such as Cy Twombly and Elizabeth Cummings, this exhibition presents a collection of new worlds that draws inspiration from the natural environment. Gitte’s bold and assertive brushwork harnesses the spontaneity of subconscious mark making. Colours, twisting forms and expansive compositions radiate with the energy of unique arboreal-inspired ecosystems and provide the spectator with an opportunity for both contemplation and adventure into new lands. READ MORE HERE

In the Studio with Gitte Backhausen - video

I welcome you into my art studio, that’s where all the magic happens.

So sit back and I will take you on a tour of my creative space and give you an insight into my processes. Grab a cuppa, put your feet up and enjoy 12.35min of behind the scenes insights into my art practice.

A special thanks to Kiama Council for the support to make this video.

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Gitte Backhausen Abstract Artist Sydney Australia