A Different Kind of Art Workshops

Considering signing up for an art workshop? Great idea, here is what to expect…

It probably doesn’t come as a surprise that all of my workshops are focused on abstraction in some form or another. They all involve introducing you to materials and techniques of different kinds to explore free expression. However, more importantly, my approach to my workshop is facilitation and not teaching, let me explain…

“I appreciated the process of freeing up” 
  Jane L.
“A great day challenging our preconceptions!”  
Gail M.
“Gitte is friendly and warm and very knowledgeable. She created a safe environment to express yourself and just go for it and provided clear instructions and guidance” 
Larissa S.
“I had the best day, thank you Gitte”
“Gitte’s knowledge and experience she so willingly shared” 
Joy D.
“ Thank you Gitte for an extremely enjoyable day and for being a wonderful teacher”
“It was really useful with encouragement that everything doesn’t have to be perfect and to go out of my comfort zone”
“I loved the encouragement to try anything. All enjoyable”

I would say that my educational background, in Applied Social Science, is the major influence of my approach to running art workshops. During my time completing my bachelor degree at the Australian College of Applied Psychology, I learned a lot about human psychology and behaviour. For a number of years I worked in counselling, mental health and career coaching, and the underlying philosophy was always that you don’t provide your clients with the answers, you support them in finding their own.

Whilst that career path is well in the past and I’m not great at remembering all the psychological theories, the underlying philosophy has always stuck with me. Ever since I designed my very first workshop “Get out of Your Mind & Into Your Art” in 2016, I have seen myself as a facilitator – not a teacher.

The difference is, I don’t teach you what to do (or what I do, for that matter), I facilitate a process to help you find your own way.

Yes, artistic skills and theories are beneficial, no doubt. I’ve done my own fair share of life-like drawings and explored everything from oil-painting portraits, water colour still-life’s, various mixed media approaches and experimental printmaking. Not to mention jewellery-making and ceramic mask-making, to name a few. Oh, and did I ever mention, I also have a bachelor degree in graphic design! Oh yes, composition, art and design history and colour theory are not foreign languages to me. Skills are great, but what about the art that your soul yearns to express?

What is important to understand is, the focus of my workshops are not for you learn all the theories, rules and skills and for you to take home a perfectly created piece of art. My focus is on facilitating a process where you discover who YOU are and support you to break down barriers to create freely and connect to your own unique visual language. 

If you want to learn to draw life-like portraits or paint colour-correct landscapes, go for it. Find a teacher, there are plenty of options out there and I encourage you to learn and explore as many artistic skills and approaches as you possibly can. What fun!

If you on the other hand would like to hone in on finding your own unique artistic voice, loosen up and express yourself freely, come along and join me for a workshop. Yes I will introduce you to materials and skills, but more importantly I facilitate a process where you learn about yourself and connect to who YOU are. Yes, fun indeed! Ok, and also sometimes challenging. But although you may not take home a perfect piece of art (whatever that is), what you will take home is a better understanding of who you are as an artist, be freer in your approach and have plenty of inspiration to keep you going after the workshop.

So, if you are curious and my approach speaks to you, come along and…

  • Have fun exploring and experimenting with abstraction
  • Loosen up and express yourself freely in a safe and non-judgemental environment
  • Find your own visual voice and learn to trust in yourself. 
  • Discover that art is not about ‘perfection’ or ‘doing it right’.
  • Make your own rules & connect to your own visual language.

Any questions? You can always drop me a line on gitte@gbart.com.au

Or simply click here to explore my upcoming workshops.

Let’s get real creative x

A Different Kind of Art Workshops