About Gitte

To me, my art is freedom. It’s a way of giving the subconscious a voice without the restrictions and demands of the mind. It enriches life; with untold stories, colourful quests and a place to let go.

I was born and raised in Denmark. Always an explorer of creative expression, growing up I would spend hours in my room drawing, painting and writing and later attended classes in any creative discipline I could find. In my mid twenties I completed a bachelor degree in Graphic Design (2002). This led to a committed practice of painting, born from the urge to break free from strict guidelines and conventional design, into a language of free expression.

Moving to Australia in 2005, I have held regular solo and group exhibitions and have been a finalist in a number of art prizes. Pursuing my interest in human psychology and behaviour, I completed a Bachelor of Applied Social Science (2010) and worked part time in the field of mental health and career development for a number of years, until art became a full time practice in 2016.

The abstract expressionist movement, as well as systems theory, chaos theory and the notion of happen-stance, have been major influences on my practice. It has pushed me towards raw spontaneous visual expression and continues to inform my work.

In 2017, having collected old and odd objects for years, I had my first exhibition of assemblage work. I continue to explore new approaches and have come to understand myself as a multidisciplinary artist.

Artist Statement

In creating there is freedom. It is an opportunity to withdraw from the busy world and let my subconscious express itself, without the restrictions or demands of the mind. It’s a place where I allow the process to unfold of its own accord and enjoy the untold stories that arise spontaneously. Letting go is a constant practice and I am committed to letting the unknown continue to enrich me.

By nature I am reflective – I observe and question the world and our roles in it. The artworks allow for quiet contemplation and wild rides, tapping into memories and conjuring imaginary landscapes and new questions. I am the curious observer – honouring the drive that continues to pull me forward to explore this bizarre and wondrous world we live in.

The abstract expressionist movement has had a major influence on my approach to art. It has supported my urge to create freely, exploring the process of creation itself, rather than aiming for a premeditated outcome. My interest in psychology has contributed to the reflective aspects of my practice and continues to play an important role in the narrative of my art.

It’s important for me to keep exploring and expanding my practice and I love introducing new materials and approaches in my work.

In 2017, after having collected old and odd objects for years, I had my first assemblage solo exhibition. This new area of my work allows me to build stronger concepts around my art. I find I can dwell deeper into my interest in human psychology and address subjects close to my heart relating to my curiosity about human behaviour. 

Gitte Backhausen 2017


SOLO Exhibitions
2018   Secret Landscapes, Fern Street Gallery, Gerringong NSW
2018   Nuances of Life Shoalhaven Regional Gallery, Nowra NSW
2017   Re:Loved Little Blowhole Art Bar, Kiama NSW
2016   Ever-changing Little Blowhole Art Bar, Kiama NSW
2013   Pop Up Gallery at Challis Studio, Sydney
2011    Sydney Art Expo, Solo stall
2009  Forgotten World Global Gallery, Sydney
2008   Kringlen Galleri, Hune, Denmark
2008   The Intuitive Well Gallery, Sydney
2006   Foer Australien ‘KulturStationen’, Skørping, Denmark
2006   Colourful Stories Cafe Nostimo, Sydney
2006   Life’s Colours Art Moment Gallery, Sydney
2005   Artville Artshow Copenhagen, Denmark
2004   Variationer at ‘KulturStationen’s Galleri’ Skørping, Denmark
2003   Udtryk til Indtryk ‘Kvarterhuset’ Copenhagen, Denmark

Selected Group Exhibitions
2019   Girt by Sea, Rochfort Gallery, Sydney NSW
2019   Illawarra Local, Artsite Gallery, Sydney NSW
2019   Summertime, Fern Street Gallery, NSW
2019   Locals on Board, Wollongong Art Gallery, NSW
2018   Finalists’ Group Exhibition Meroogal Womens Art Prize
2018   Finalists’ Group Exhibition, Northern Beaches Art Prize, Waste to Art
2018   Salon Exhibition alongside ‘Whimsy’ Exhibition, Rochfort Gallery, Sydney NSW
2018   Pigments at Play, Rochfort Gallery, Sydney NSW
2018   Everything in Between, Clifton School of Arts
2017   Finalists’ Group Exhibition, Northern Beaches Art Prize
2017   Summertime Little Blowhole Art Bar, Kiama NSW
2016   Finalists’ Group Exhibition, Blacktown City Art Prize
2016   Finalists’ Group Exhibition, Warringah Art Prize
2016   Finalists’ Group Exhibition, Waverly Art Prize, judged by Tim Olsen
2016   Kiama Art Society 38th Annual Exhibition
2016   Fresh Batch Platform72 Art Gallery, Sydney.
2009   Korea-Australia Exchange Group Exhibition by Seoul Art Centre,
            Gongpyeong Gallery and Cross Bay Gallery, hosted by Global Gallery, Sydney
2009   Two Danish Artists, Helen Stephens Gallery, Sydney
2007   Group Exhibition with Global artists, Global Gallery, Sydney
2006   New Breed Global Gallery, Sydney

2018   Finalist Kangaroo Vallery Art Prize
2018   Finalist Meroogal Womens Art Prize
2018   Finalist Northern Beaches Art Prize
2017   Finalist Northern Beaches Art Prize
2016   Finalist Blacktown City Art Prize
2016   Finalist Warringah Art Prize.
2016   Finalist Waverley Art Prize, judged by Tim Olsen

2018   Colour Workshop w. Carmel Byrne
2017   Hand Made Brushes and Mark Making w. Lorna Crane                 
2017   Painting Master class w. Roger Crawford, National Art School Sydney
2016   Mentoring with Pam Cowper
2015   Mixed media with Pam Cowper, Waverly Art School, Sydney
2014   Mixed Media with Joanne Mulcahy-Zubani, Sydney
2007-2010   Bachelor of Applied Social Science, Australian College of Applied Psychology, Sydney.
2004   Painting residency, Ærø, Denmark
1999-2002   Bachelor in Graphic Design, Seminariet for Formgivning, Denmark
1998   Drawing, design and visual communication, The School of Visual Arts, Copenhagen Denmark
1996-1998   Graphic Design and Visual communication Copenhagen Technical College, Denmark
1994-97   Various courses in Drawing, painting, sculpture and ceramics, Denmark

2018   Private Collection, Gerringong NSW
2017   Private Collection, Darlinghurst, Sydney
2016   Private Collection, Lilyfield, Sydney
2008  Corporate research company, Sydney CBD
2008   Private Collection, Vaucluse, Sydney
2006   Private Collection, Bondi, Sydney
2005   Private Collection, Denmark.