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Beneath The Surface

This body of work is an exploration and expression of the experience of chaos - the chaos that exists beneath the surface, invisible to an outsider’s eye.

Gentle Wilderness

A continuation of Gitte’s well-known subconscious abstract landscape paintings. This new series takes you on a gentle journey into nature’s energy and wonders.

Subconscious Landscapes

SOLO EXHIBITION ‘Subconscious Landscapes’ Twenty Twenty Six Gallery, Sydney, 11th-30th October 2022. This body of work is an exploration of the

Between Earth and Sky

Exploring the fascinating invisible world of communication between all aspects of our arboreal eco systems.

Where We Are

Where We Are This body of work is a response to the marks, shapes, colours and textures I see on my morning walks.

In Between

A body of colourful abstracts exploring the space in-between: where the brushstrokes are born, words don’t do it justice and a mysterious inner drive comes to life.

Secret Landscapes

Five Imaginary landscapes enriched with colours, texture and spontaneous lines, emerged from the unknown. Go explore these abstract landscapes.

After The Storm

Six paintings, created during a period of very strong winds and lots of rain. A celebration of nature’s elements.

Nuances of Life

Nuances of Life My solo Exhibition ‘Nuances of Life’ was showing at Shoalhaven Regional Gallery, Nowra NSW

Ever Changing

Twelve paintings created for a solo exhibition called Ever-Changing. A tribute to the unpredictability of life and it’s ever-changing nature.


Fourteen works about seeing things from a different perspective and experience the beauty of what we usually consider useless.

The Light of Night

Seven mixed media paintings. An exploration of dramatic contrasts, dark colours, black and white. A powerful and strong statement.

Touch Of Colour

Twelve paintings all about the vibrancy of life and the joy of colour. Enrich your life, only one left.

Deep Lines

Nine mixed media artworks exploring vigorous lines, light and darkness. An energetic powerful collection of works on sealed cardboard.

Artworks By Gitte Backhausen