Artwork Galleries

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A body of colourful abstracts exploring the space in-between: where the brushstrokes are born, words don’t do it justice and a mysterious inner drive comes to life. 

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Secret Landscapes

Five Imaginary landscapes enriched with colours, texture and spontaneous lines, emerged from the unknown. Go explore these abstract landscapes.

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Six collagraph and mixed media works made from found objects, leaves and small branches celebrating summertime and memories thereof.

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Twelve paintings created for a solo exhibition called Ever-Changing. A tribute to the unpredictability of life and it’s ever-changing nature.

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Fourteen works about seeing things from a different perspective and experience the beauty of what we usually consider useless.

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Deep Lines

Nine mixed media artworks exploring vigorous lines, light and darkness. An energetic powerful collection of works on sealed cardboard.

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Artworks By Gitte Backhausen