Use Other Path

Back to Gallery Use Other Path “Life is more than happiness; you’ve got to be whole. Embrace every aspect and feel every blow. Only aiming for happy is fucked. Trust, me I know, I tried it a lot.” H:60cm x W: 90cm x D: 3cm It’s a sign! Enquire Now

Urban Life 3

Back to Gallery Urban Life 3 “City life is busy,and full of people too.Ask them how they are,and have a tea or two.” H: 37cm x W: 43cm x D: 20cm Assemblage Enquire Now

Urban Life 2

Back to Gallery Urban Life 2 “Connection heals,it’s a proven fact.Don’t sit alone,go join the pack.” H:34.5cm x W: 44cm x D: 20cm  Assemblage Enquire Now

Urban Life 1

Back to Gallery Urban Life 1 “Lonely in the city? go cry, like me. Then wipe you eyes and  invite your neighbour for tea.”

Tools For Life

Back to Gallery Tools For Life “Here is all you need,for a happy life, I know you’ll succeed.Tools, rust and the lot,trust me, it’s worth a lot!” H: 55cm x W: 40cm x D: 12cm Assemblage Enquire Now

The Sound Of Life

Back to Gallery The Sound Of Life “The sun rises and sets, life is uncertain – and not always the best. Our attitude certainly matters, but so does the space to feel grief when it scatters. We see with the eyes of the soul, with the pain or the joy from the stories we’ve been […]

The Answers

Back to Gallery The Answers “Here are the answers you’ve been wanting,unlocked, the gems keep coming.It’s a domino effect with a twist,that’ll give you the answers, to life and it’s myths.” H: 52cm x W: 39cm x D: 17cm Assemblage Enquire Now

The Angel

Back to Gallery The Angel “Angels come in many forms, sometimes in metal with rust.I thought I knew what I wanted,but I’m happier with what I got. My list of happiness goals,were way out of touch with my soul.Thankfully Angels are smart,they include what will grow your heart”. H: 70cm W: 58cm: D: 40cm Assemblage sculpture […]

Simple, Right?!

Back to Gallery Simple, Right?! “Tune out or tune in,It’s easy to win.Simply believe,and you’ll soon receive.” H: 35cm W: 30.5 D: 11cm Collage and radio on found wooden board. Enquire Now

Notes For Living

Back to Gallery Notes For Living “Life’s not always playing a song,that’s easy to follow for sing-along.Challenging, fun or whatever you feel,It’s life, it’s crazy, just keep it real.” H: 50 cm x W: 44 cm x D: 7 cm Piano keys and keys Enquire Now