Knotty Lottie with Her Red Handbag

Back to Gallery Knotty Lottie with Her Red Handbag “My stomach is in knots,I’m not feeling good enough!It happens now and then.That’s life. It sucks. I embrace it the best I can;talk to strangers, friends, any poor man.When I share, it lifts,that’s a beautiful, welcomed gift.” H:61cm x W: 9.50cm x D: 8cm Mixed media […]

Keys To Happiness

Back to Gallery Keys To Happiness “You’ve been searching but failed many times,happiness, is aiming so high.But fear not, the answers are here,in the keys and the puzzle, the truth will appear.” H:46cm x W: 28cm x D:9cm Mixed media & Assemblage Enquire Now

Harry Hinge – Keeping it Up!

Back to Gallery Harry Hinge – Keeping it Up! “I’m trying to keep my smile up,it’s modern and ‘in’ and it’s liked a lot.Reality is that I sometimes feel down,those days my face is more like a frown.” H:55cm x W: 29cm x D: 14cm Assemblage SOLD

Get A Grip

Back to Gallery Get A Grip “Get a handle (or two) on your life,that’s what you want, am I right?Buy this and you’ll be set,I promise you, this is the best!” H: 52cm x W: 41cm x D: 16cm Assemblage Enquire Now

For No Good Reason

Back to Gallery For No Good Reason “I love to play around,with ink, paint, letters and sound.Music, stillness or people’s chatter,don’t care about outcome; it’s the process that matter.” H: 37.5cm W: 30.5 D: 7cm Mixed Media on found wooden board. Enquire Now

Control Yourself

Back to Gallery Control Yourself “If your brain is chaotic like mine,take this home to control your mind.Have a break or get it to change,your moods to a better range.” H: 35cm W: 30.5 D: 9cm Collage and control panel (from boat) on found wooden board. Enquire Now


Back to Gallery Disconnect “Information in overload:on how to stay happy, get rich and not old.I’m tired of all this talk;I’ve pulled the plug, I’m off for a walk.” H: 60 cm x W: 33 cm x D: 16 cm Assemblage with Radio and Antenna. Enquire Now

Bobby Brush Head – On a Good Day

Back to Gallery Bobby Brush Head – On a Good Day “I smile if I can,but get sad sometimes too.I make room for it allI suggest you do too.” H:66cm x W: 29cm x D: 12cm Assemblage Enquire Now

A Snapshot

Back to Gallery A Snapshot “A snapshot of my brain,chaotic and slightly insane.Letters, numbers and ink –gives me freedom not to think.” H: 38cm W: 30.5 D: 7cm Mixed Media on found wooden board. Enquire Now


Back to Gallery Amends “When you aim for happiness as a goal,you can easily loose your soul;become obsessed with avoiding to feel;anything else that is real.   Pick up the phone, make amends.Connect with lost family and friends.Avoiding the things that are tough,can make you feel drained and lost.” H:72cm x W: 30.5cm x D: […]