Back to Gallery ReVisit “When did you last revisit a place, where your soul sings along at a slow pace? Go once again and see it anew, with fresh open eyes, enjoy a new view” 60×60 cm Mixed media collage and assemblage on board Available Enquire Now


Back to Gallery ReTuned “Old, useless and discarded, could leave anyone downhearted. But it’s only until you see, that the old lines can set you free. No rules or musts, this is your time to retune and trust” 80x83cm Mixed media, Assemblage and shellac on board Available Enquire Now


Back to Gallery ReTreat “Retreat to the sound of the ocean, on a boat that sails out to sea. The birds will keep an eye on you, whilst you let your soul roam free” 61 x 39 cm Mixed media collage & Assemblage on board. SOLD


Back to Gallery ReTell “The story you carry can be heavy or light? Either is fine, it’s yours despite. Visit the moon for perspective at night, then retell your story, in a way that you like” 60 x 60 cm Mixed Media Collage and Assemblage on board. Available Enquire Now


Back to Gallery ReMessage “Little wireman on a mailbox reflects; what has more value – letter or text? An email typed or a handwritten note? He decided on flowers and a spoken quote” 60 x 60 cm Mixed media collage, old mailbox and wireman on board. Available Enquire Now


Back to Gallery ReSearch “Five answers to be unlocked,stay quiet and simply listen a lot. Press alt option ESC (escape), if you think you need a bit of a break” 70 x 50 cm Assemblage (with no backing) Available Enquire Now


Back to Gallery ReLoved “Oh I love the beauty of the worn, like old old stories, yet to be born. I invite you to look and see, one day it’ll be you and me” 54 x 30 cm Assemblage SOLD


Back to Gallery ReFresh “Getting your ducks in a row, is all for show. Find a branch and hang out, have fun and shout. Jump in when you’re done, life’s gotta to be fun!” 50 x 73 cm Assemblage & Mixed Media on board Available Enquire Now


Back to Gallery ReExperience “Pink Floyd creates a vivid space in my heart, ‘Wish you were here’, is just the start. Running over the same old ground, that is my favourite sound” 60 x 60 cm Mixed media collage & Assemblage on board. SOLD


Back to Gallery ReEnter “The old crooked door is shut, should you re-enter or not? The choice is yours but depends, are you prepared for surprise and amends?” 52 x 52 cm Assemblage SOLD