Solo Exhibition “Where We Are” 25th January – 7th February 2021

I am delighted about the amazing response to this new body of work “Where We Are”.  Here is a little more insight into the thoughts and processes behind the paintings in this exhibition…

As you might know already if you are familiar with my work, I am curious about the human mind and what our subconscious holds. I reflect on life and my/our role in it and my art is a way to respond to my personal human experience and celebrate the visual voice of the subconscious. 

In this new body of work “Where We Are” I have reflected on our ability to stay present and enjoy what we have and where we are, rather than wishing ourselves elsewhere. Particular relevant in regards to continuous travel restrictions (and lockdowns), the theme has arisen from my regular local morning walks, mostly around Gerringong here on the South Coast. 

Not having had the usual opportunities to travel and discover new places over the past year (not to mention being able to see my family and friends overseas for over two years now), I have come to rely on and enjoy my walks even more. I love discovering the little things on my way, and in my life, that brings me joy, wonder and are visually intriguing.

I often photograph the visual gems that fascinates me (you can see a selection throughout my instagram feed @gittebackhausenart). Although I don’t set out to paint or depict these little discoveries, they have a way of turning up in my work. I welcome the subconscious visual voice that expresses my experiences. And I welcome you to see our wonderful world through my artworks, celebrating life, right Where We Are”.

"Standing Still. Going Places" 70x160cm (SOLD)

Solo Exhibition “Where We Are”