The Return of Time

The past two years I have been very busy co-founding Fern Street Gallery in Gerringong, here on the South Coast of NSW where I live. I am super proud of what my business partner and I have created. A beautiful, professional, welcoming contemporary award-winning artist-run art gallery – nothing less. We have done a great job and it brings me great joy to have created something that has impacted so many people in a positive manner. I have always had a desire to contribute to something bigger than myself. It has been an honour to support other artist’s to develop their careers and provide a space and support for them to thrive as self-representing artists, whilst also being part of revitalising our beautiful little town.

But now it’s time for me to focus on my own artistic career. I have stepped down as gallery owner and Director in order to make my own art the priority again. It’s not that I have stopped (as you’d know) over the past couple of years, but I have certainly had much less time and focus on my own art practice in order to run the gallery, which always became my first priority. I don’t do things by half and being thorough, professional and ambitious takes time. No regrets, the gallery is well established and I am excited to still be part of the Resident Artist team. I’m a massive Fern Street Gallery brand-champion and will always be a proud co-founder. I am grateful that my (ex) business partner has chosen to continue with the gallery, I am sure she will do well.

So now I am back in the studio and I am loving it. It’s also challenging of course. It is like I have to re-discover my creative processes. The good thing is though, that now I have time to go with the flow of the process, no longer needing to push so hard during a few hours where I can fit it in. I have my time back and its good for my art, I can see that already. 

I have learned and experienced many things over the past few years running the gallery. One of the things that has come to my attention, is the curiosity by the gallery visitors/art buyers about what the creative process and an artistic practice actually involves. So, I’ve decided to let you in on this, share with you what my practice involves. I enjoy writing – and if you are curious and like reading, then I’m more than happy to share my art-world with you. So here we go… this is the beginning.

Welcome to Art Insight – Behind the Scenes of my Art Practice. 

Frankly, I have no idea where this is going to take me (or you), but I am giving it a go. As with my art, I will allow myself the freedom to go with the process, because I know it is my natural way of working and from experience I know it will create the best results. So posts may be random and irregular, but they will be honest and real.

I will be sharing the good and the bad, the failures and the wins and everything in between. I am interested in giving you a REAL insight into the world of an artist, not a glossy magazine front-cover story that gives you the idea being an artist is one long joyful creative bliss. Oh I wish. This will be the real story, raw and unpretentious. You have been warned.

So, see you when I see you… I am looking forward to inviting you into my world of art. 

A little snapshot of a corner of my studio, just before my live-interview on Instagram with The Other Art Fair Sydney Director Luke Potkin. Sheeba, my trusted studio assistant, is getting an overview over the situation and warming my seat. 

The Return of Time