Through the Daze

Finalist – Kangaroo Valley Art Prize 2020

Through the Daze. Acrylic on Canvas 50x40cm. Gitte Backhausen 2020

My artwork “Through the Daze” has been chosen as a finalist in the Kangaroo Valley 2020. Exhibition 2nd-5th October 2020 – details below.

I painted this painting around July – August 2020 and this is what I wrote about it when I first shared it on social media @gittebackhausenart (Instagram and Facebook)

“I find this new work sobering. I’ve called it “Through the Daze” as it feels like that’s what this year has been, a bit of a daze, and this painting reminds me of that, it’s like looking through to the light.

Bushfires, Covid-19, lockdowns, several youth suicides in our little community, explosions, floods and everything else. Looking through it all, there are also many moments of light, connection and joy, despite, and some because of, all of these challenging events. That’s life isn’t it, full of ups and downs. Let’s stay connected and look after each other, make room to share the tough times and feelings and enjoy those moments where we see clearer through the daze. Together.”

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I still feel like I’m living in a bit of a daze sometimes, to be honest. In some ways I have a fairly normal everyday life, I am grateful that we can still move about here in NSW at this time, but what an odd year/time it is. I still feel the impact of all the life and world events. Personally I am in pretty good nick overall, but things around me impact me and always have. I’m a sensitive soul I guess (or perhaps just human, and admitting it!).

A crisis of any kind, put things in perspective doesn’t it?!

What matters? Who matters? What is important, what is not and how do I want to live my everyday life. I have certainly made some changes – and I’m still adjusting and exploring what a good life entails for me (a life-long project perhaps). Reflecting on these things is the healthy part of change and crisis I reckon. Not the easy part of fun part necessarily, but ultimately healthy if you are interested in living conscious life, aligned with your values.

So, as I look through the daze I see glimpses of light, hope and joy – for both the world and my own little life. I weave in and out of the daze and the clarity, so is life (it seems).

You can see the exhibition with the finalists’s work during the October long weekend. Can’t make it? Not a problem, view and buy the artworks here:

October long-weekend 2-5 October 2020
Kangaroo Valley Hall Gallery, 179 Moss Vale Rd, Kangaroo Valley NSW Australia

OPEN: Saturday/Sunday 9am-5pm, Monday 9am-2pm

Through the Daze